Aptana FTP and Eclipse – Creating the connection

You can setup Aptana Studio in Eclipse so that you upload/download/synchronise files from within the Project view context menu.

Start by finding the Sync Manager – one way to do this is to choose Window -> Show View -> Other… this will display the Show View Explorer.

Next choose the Aptana Standard Views branch and then select the Sync Manager, finally click OK.

From the Sync Manager view click the Create Site Connection icon this will open a dialog.

Enter a connection name – I chose the same name as the project.

From the Path – Local: drop-down choose Project and browse and select the applicable project.
From the Path – Remote: drop-down select Add New FTP, this will open the FTP Site Configuration dialog.

Enter a Site name – I chose the same name as the project since our naming convention fits perfectly with this.

Enter the other details as per normal FTP setup. Finally click OK.

Once the new FTP connection is displayed in the Path – Remote drop down you can click OK on the Create Site Connection dialog.

In the Sync Manager if you double click the Site Connection (identified with a icon) this will start the Smart Sync tool in Sync Preview mode. You can review what actions would be taken prior to commencing a synchronisation. It even has a basic form of diff display.

Double clicking on the connection that has this icon before it, will open up the FTP connection configuration dialog for that connection.

In the Project view you can now right-click a resource and from the context-menu choose Synchronize [sic] to access the resource specific FTP actions.